Michael Lu, producing a warm, enveloping tone, led off with a classy reading of a Schubert Impromptu (Op. 142 No. 1)” Cleveland Classical, reviewing a performance at the 2020 Cleveland International Piano Competition “Virtu(al)oso”
…touched me…I could recognize Schubert…” —Maria João Pires, after listening to a performance of the second movement of the sonata D.850
“…his ability to communicate his innermost feelings though the music is indeed profound.” —Franklin Cohen
“Michael Lu is a uniquely gifted and highly talented pianist.” —Alexander Toradze
“Michael is a rare talent that I just want to sum up in a few words: charismatic, impressive, musical (rare quality to find in the new generation of pianists as we all know), exciting, polished, and always ready to perform all sorts of different repertoire. He always surprises me. What I like the most is the fact that he is always personal: interesting and with a new refreshing insight and approach to the Music he plays. Always charming and individual, he greatly impacts the people who listen to him.”
—Eduardo Delgado

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